Why a separate Mahbubabad district was created?

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Fri, Apr 05, 2019, 10:29 AM

Why a separate Mahbubabad district was created?

Warangal, Apr 05: The state government will bring in new legislation to overhaul the revenue department, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao said on Thursday.

He said the revenue department would be renamed and even the designation of ‘collector’, which has been in place since colonial times, has become outdated, would be changed. KTR said this while addressing a massive public meeting at Mahbubabad in support of TRS candidate Maloth Kavitha.

The new legislation would provide a new title to the landholder. In case of an error in the land record, the government would pay compensation, he said.

Explaining why a separate Mahbubabad district was created, Rao said land disputes and a shortage of drinking and irrigation water were the main problems in the region, a predominantly tribal area. He said he would personally camp in the district for three days and sort out the land disputes of all kinds, including Podu lands.

"With the help of the latest equipment such as GPS and a complete survey, we can give conclusive titles to all landholders. This can help solve land disputes once and for all," he said.

Mahbubabad and Mulugu districts were created as they were predominantly tribal areas and the status of a district would ensure the development of the tribal communities residing here. Beside setting up required infrastructure, the state government would set up a medical college at Mahbubabad as requested by the local leaders, KTR said.

The Chief Minister said panchayat raj minister Errabelli Dayakar Rao has asked for interlinking of the employment guarantee scheme, MNREGS, with the farm sector to help the farmers.

The government's request to this effect had not been heeded by the Centre. Hence, it is necessary to elect 16 TRS MPs so that they can pressurize the government in Delhi and get the state’s demands fulfilled.

Dayakar Rao, local legislator B. Shankar Naik, MLCs Satyavathi Rathod and K. Srihari, parliamentary party leader K. Keshava Rao were among those present.