Is Kejriwal turning opportunistic politician?

 SMTV Desk 2018-11-25 19:14:45  cm chandrababu naidu, aap, aravind kejriwal
Is Kejriwal turning opportunistic politician?

New Delhi, Nov 25: Despite Chandrababu Naidu withdrawing his ‘General Consent’ to CBI and other Central Agencies from operating in Andhra Pradesh, the Enforcement Directorate has raided the offices and residences of Sujana Chowdary and seized several allegedly incriminating documents apart from six luxury cars of the TDP’s right-hand man.

The raids happened in connection with a Rs 6000 crore money laundering scam in which many shell companies were purportedly floated by Sujana to siphon off money to foreign destinations. There is every possibility that Sujana may be arrested soon.

Naturally, the yellow media is wildly upset and claim it as an act of vendetta by the BJP government at the Centre. While the rest of the nation has by and large merely observed the latest developments with curiosity, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has condemned the raids.

Commenting on Twitter, Kejriwal said,

What on earth is Kejriwal speaking about? If all States are to ban central agencies, then this nation will cease to exist. How is he so sure that Sujana Chowdary is innocent? Have cases not been filed against Sujana by Mauritian banks accusing him of being a defaulter?

Besides, Arvind Kejriwal worked in the IRS before taking the plunge into full-time politics (although he said he would never enter politics) by pillion-riding on Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption.

Kejriwal of all people should recognize the immense damage being done to the nation by white-collar criminals in the garb of politicians. Merely criticising something for getting back at the BJP before the truth is out in the open is unbecoming of a man of his stature. But then Kejriwal, the honest IRS officer is long gone and in his place stands yet another opportunistic politician.