Nizamabad: Contestants ignore poll expense cut, go furious

 SMTV Desk 2018-11-25 14:22:18  election campaign, election contestant, independent candidates
Nizamabad: Contestants ignore poll expense cut, go furious

Nizamabad, Nov 25: Election campaign expenses limit per candidate is Rs 28 lakhs, but allegedly a few candidates have been spending enormous funds for the ensuing Assembly elections.

It is an open secret that candidates from major political parties are spending Rs 5 crore to Rs 30 crore Surprisingly, few independent candidates too have exceeded the limit of Rs 28 lakhs within a short period.

To conduct public meetings and rallies, candidates have to spend on posters, banners, vehicles and advertisements in print and electronic media and for this, candidates and respective political parties have been spending huge amounts.

Election Commission has directed candidates to make all payments above Rs 20,000 through account payee cheques, but majority of the candidates have failed to do so.

For instance, a contesting candidate from Nizamabad rural Assembly constituency has been arranging breakfast, lunch and dinner for 500 party activists and other visitors every day. LED display campaign vans and sops to various castes is happening on a large scale.

Lakhs of rupees are being paid for khanduvas, posters and banners in all Assembly constituencies. Reportedly, only a few candidates submit nominal bills for their election campaign expenses to the authorities.

Flexi, banner printing, cut-outs, cultural troupes, food, vehicles and other facilities require lakhs of rupees. Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, a second rung leader from Armoor Assembly constituency said that they have to pay Rs. 200 per person, if they invite people for a public meeting. Liquor and Biryani is commonplace in all Assembly election campaigns.

In this context, few candidates are trying to avoid the donation seekers. Round the clock, there are crowds at the party offices and contesting candidate residences in Nizamabad and Kamareddy districts. People in groups or under the aegis of unions have been approaching the candidates to seek financial benefits.