PM Modi wasting time simply: KTR

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sun, Mar 31, 2019, 11:34 AM

PM Modi wasting time simply: KTR

Hyderabad, Mar 31: Telangana Rashtra Samithi, which had trounced the state assembly elections held in December, has started feeling that it has the copyrights over Telangana and no other party has any right to seek votes from the people in the state.

But in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections are posing a different outline in the state politics. Despite the strong position which the TRS is in, the Congress and even Bharatiya Janata Party are said to be giving a tough fight in some constituencies and there is no surprise, if both the parties would be able to win a couple of seats.

For example, the Congress is said to be having fair chances of winning Bhongir and Chevella constituencies while giving a tough fight to the TRS in Nalgonda, Mahabubabad and even Malkajgiri constituencies.

On the other hand, the BJP is also wanting the chances of winning Secunderabad and Mahbubnagar Lok Sabha seats. That is precisely, why both Congress president Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have chosen to address public rallies in these constituencies to attract voters.

This has obviously made the TRS anxious and angry. TRS working president KTR is making every effort to play down the chances of two national parties by making sharp comments against them. On Saturday, KTR took to twitter to take pot shots at Modi saying the Prime Minister was simply wasting his precious time.

"Dear @narendramodi Ji, instead of wasting your precious time criticising TRS in Mahbubnagar (where BJP had lost deposit 3 months ago), people of Mahbubnagar would have been happier to hear you announce national project status for their lifeline Palamur Lift Irrigation Project."

KTR was reacting sharply to Modi's comment on twitter: "Sought support for BJP at the rally in Mahbubnagar. The haste with which the Telangana Assembly was dissolved is inversely proportional to the speed with which the state got Ministers to work. For TRS, dynasty and astrology come before working for citizens."