Home Exercises to everyone

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Home Exercises  to everyone

On the occasion of International Men s Day, We are presenting you a bunch of basic at-home excersies that every man must learn how to do.

1)Push-Ups: Literally, everybody starts their exercising journey with push-up being their very first exercise. Yes, I know, it s tough to get your first error-free push-up but once you do, reps just keep on adding. Right from the chest, the back, the core and even the legs, the push-up works everything. Getting better at push-ups is a sure shot marker of getting stronger.

2)Pull-ups: If something that screams real strength, it s got to be the ability to crank out pull-ups. One of the toughest BUT an absolutely essential exercise to a build strong back and resilient grip strength.

3) Bodyweight Squats:Nothing builds legs better than squats. To get under the bar, you first need to master perfect form and build basic posterior chain strength. And that s done with basic body weight squats. Probably the easiest to watch and learn movement, you will find hundreds of tutorials that will teach you how to do bodyweight squats.