Kitchen cleaning tricks which are easy and affordable

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Fri, Mar 08, 2019, 12:20 PM

Kitchen cleaning tricks which are easy and affordable

It is quite a common thing that we forget that we have kept something to cook on the stove and tend to do other things and we will burn the cooking jar. Beside cooking, It is a big task to clean the cooking utensils as we feel that cleaning our gas stove with that stubborn grease and burned cooking utensils is not that easy as it simply doesn't go away.

We invest too much money in the supermarket to buy professional-grade cleaning products but we forgot about some traditional and easily available products. If you are searching for much cheaper and effective and eco-friendly alternatives then these kitchen tips that we have listed below will help you much more than you can imagine.

Check out some of the best kitchen cleaning solutions that are really cheap and easier.


Baking soda has lots of uses. It bake cakes or even whitens up your teeth rapidly but it also a pretty efficient, reliable, Eco-friendly and cheap cleaner for your kitchen appliances as well as your gas stove. You should definitely replace those expensive cleaners with dangerous chemicals which also have the worst kind of smell with the very helpful baking soda and solve all your kitchen problems easily.


The burned grates in your stove burner are always the worst ones, with a magnet for grease and dirt. But this problem is common because whenever your frying something in the oil, it all gets gathered around the stove burners, and thus makes quite difficult to clean easily. For this, You can definitely use some ammonia in cleaning your gas stoves effectively. It is much affordable.


Cleaning your Dustbin area or your kitchen sink is more challenging than it appears. There are lots of products that are designed to help you to do that as they eliminate and dissolve the dirt and food that remained and clogging your sink's drainage pipes. But, if you want a cheaper as well an Eco-friendly alternative, then you need to worry about it as we might have the perfect thing that effectively works just as fine than those expensive sink-cleaning products that you've been investing all your money in.

You will probably be really amazed to see exactly how powerful a simple and cheap piece of lemon can turn out to be, when it is combined with a little vinegar and also some baking soda. The amazing combination of vinegar and lemon can be effectively used in lots of ways in your kitchen. These two extremely powerful ingredients can clean and unclog their garbage disposal or easily remove all the grease from their stainless steel sinks but these can also be used to remove those unpleasant odour that your fridge might emit.


We tend to overlook our microwaves all the time and often when it comes to cleaning our kitchen appliances. Microwaves are probably the hardest to clean which is why it might deserve more of our attention. Our microwaves can always get really as greasy as our kitchen sinks or stoves. And the easiest, quickest and the most effective way you can do that is by filling a container with some water and adding some lemon to it and then putting it in your microwave and heating it up. Then, you can use the hot lemon water to effectively clean up all the dirt, food grease in it and hence clean your microwave and transform it into a brand new and fresh one.