Are Andhra Settlers the real King-Makers in Telangana

 SMTV Desk 2018-11-08 12:12:05  telangana assembly elections, telangana poll, telangana voters
Are Andhra Settlers the real King-Makers in Telangana

Hyderabad, Nov 08: Which is the most powerful vote bank in Telangana politics? Some say its Muslims. They can influence up to 25 seats. But, the real answer is the settlers. The Andhraites, who have settled in Telangana are the real king-makers in Telangana.

They can decide the victor and the vanquished in 35 seats. They influence the politics of Hyderabad, Khammam, Rangareddy and Nizamabad districts like no one. Besides these districts, there are some seats in Karimnagar, Warangal and Nalgonda where the settlers play a key role.

Take the case of Serilingampalli constituency. The constituency has 3.8 lakh settler voters. Kukatpalli comes next with over 3.2 lakh votes. Qutbullapur claims the third spot with 2 lakh votes. The next seat that has most setters is Rajendranagar, where there are some one lakh setter vote.

Uppal (80 thousand), Malkajgiri (70 thousand), Medchal (80 lakh) too have a huge concentration of settler vote. Patancheru, the industrial hub closest to Hyderabad, has 75000 settlers. Maheswaram constituency in Rangareddy too has some 40000 voters.

The other constituencies with significant settler population are Banswada, Bodhan,Nizamabad rural, Mancherial, Chennur, Bellampalli, Mulug, Kothagudem, Aswaraopet, Yellandu, Bhadrachalam, Pinapaka, Sattupalli, Madhira, Khammam, Paleru, Wyra, Nagarjunasagar, Miryalguda, Kodad, Ibrahimpatnam, Chevella, Shadnagar, Sanatnagar, Musheerabad and Secunderabad.

In 2014 elections, the setter voters have fully backed the TDP-BJP combine. As a result, the combine wrested around 20 of these 35 seats. In fact, all the seats that the BJP had won except Goshamahal, had high settler vote.

The seats with maximum settler votes in Hyderabad like Serilingampalli, Rajendranagar, Kukatpalli, sanatnagar and Qutbullahpur went to the TDP. Which way will the settler vote this time? Who will he favour this time around? Let s wait and see!! But, one thing is sure, they are the real kingmakers of Telangana.

Now you know why KTR is going out of the way to please the setters?