Harish Rao would revolt against KCR to become CM

 SMTV Desk 2018-11-05 17:37:22  harish rao, trs partition, revuri prakash reddy, mahakutami
Harish Rao would revolt against KCR to become CM

Hyderabad, Nov 05: TDP Leader Revuri Prakash Reddy made sensational comments on TRS. He told Irrigation Minister Harish Rao who is the most promising leader is unable to adjust in the ruling party.

Revuri Prakash Reddy: Partition of TRS is inevitable. If TRS and Mahakutami wins same number of seats, Harish Rao would revolt against KCR to become Chief Minister with the support few MLAs.

Harish Rao would have joined Congress by now had if YSR was alive. He is now just waiting for the right time to settle scores due to the ill-treatment meted out to him .

Few days ago, Vanteru Prathap Reddy who is Congress Candidate for Gajwel told Harish Rao offered to extend financial support for defeating KCR in the upcoming elections.

He went on to say that the Minister himself expressed his anguish over the top priority given to KTR.

However, Harish Rao condemned the allegations and challenged Prathap Reddy to face legal consequences if he fails to prove the allegations. What will be the challenge for Revuri?