Rajinkanth's 2.o trailer Mind Blowing

 SMTV Desk 2018-11-04 13:28:43  Rajinikath, Shanker, 2.o trailer,
Rajinkanth's 2.o trailer Mind Blowing

Hyderabad, Nov 04: The Much Awaited Super Stars Rajinikanth s 2.o official trailer has been released yesterday and getting the whopping response from the fans and as well as critics.

The 2-minute long video shows baddie Akshay Kumar and his face-off with Rajinikanth who essays as Dr Vaseegaran or Chitti.

The film stars Amy Jackson in the lead role and is all set to hit the screen on November 29.

The film is touted by the highest budget ever with a whopping Rs 600 crore.