Sevamitra data difficult to backup, feels data Analyst

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Wed, Mar 06, 2019, 09:13 AM

Sevamitra data difficult to backup, feels data Analyst

Vijayawada, Mar 06: While only a detailed analysis of the software code of the 'Sevamitra app' of the Telugu Desam, that requires access to the server, can discover if the infotech company IT Grids had used government data or not, a preliminary analysis of the code by independent data analysts established that the company had used a lot of data that was impossible to collect unless a Census-level operation was conducted.

In the app, a party worker, who is termed a sevamitra, is assigned a polling booth and he or she is supposed to collect details of voters belonging to it. Personal information such as caste and political preferences are also included.

Details including benefits of government schemes accessed, Aadhaar card number, voter ID number and bank account data were synced. The list came with colour photographs, addresses and mobile numbers.

"From the code, it is very clear they were collecting a lot of information which even probably is not done even during a census. You need a base dataset to do this with volunteers, otherwise it really difficult to do," said independent data analyst Srinivas Kodali.

"Where did the data come from," he asked. Cyberabad police has booked a case under Section 66 and 72 of the IT Act.