Lakshmi Parvathi asks Chandrababu to dissolve assembly

 SMTV Desk 2018-10-30 11:00:10  Vizag airport attack, Chandrababu , YSRCP, Lakshmi Parvathi
Lakshmi Parvathi asks Chandrababu to dissolve assembly

Vijayawada, Oct 30: Calling Vizag airport attack on YSRC chief Jagan Mohan Reddy as a trademark Chandrababu style backdoor operation, the YSRCP has demanded immediate dissolution of Assembly and has been seeking a fresh mandate which will spell downfall to the ruling party.

Speaking to the scribes on Monday, party senior leader N. Lakshmi Parvathi said:

"Naidu has no right to continue as the Chief Minister and he should go for dissolution of Assembly and fresh elections should be called for as murder politics of the ruling party has reached its climax. The attack on Jagan has been in a pattern for which Naidu is known for.

He had pulled strings from behind to eliminate political adversaries on earlier occasions and this one is no different. He had no courtesy even to inquire about the mishap and instead has been trying to eke out political advantage."

"He should quit immediately and go for fresh polls which is the only way as the last chapter of Naidu s political history is coming to a close," she added.