Ignoring SEO could affect your bottom line after this algorithm update

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Ignoring SEO could affect your bottom line after this algorithm update

Anyone who has tried to make the case for investing in Search Engine Optimization to a client, boss, or colleague, will be all too familiar with the common objections: it s too unpredictable, PPC is better, it takes too long, etc.

There is a common misconception that the financial benefits of SEO are not as clear as say, social media or PPC. But anyone familiar with SEO knows that it is highly measurable and in most cases even better value for money than both social media and PPC.

And, many businesses seem to have realized this: In 2016, Borrell and Associates predicted that the SEO industry would reach 80 billion dollar a year in revenue by 2020.

A well thought-out SEO strategy will bring more qualified traffic to your website. Quality content tailored to the needs of your customers will bring a higher conversion rate. These things are well known. But ignoring SEO altogether doesn t just mean losing a few sales here and there: it can be risky or potentially disastrous financially.

Here are five ways that it could affect your bottom line:

1. Using PPC as a replacement for SEO
2. Missing out on, or misunderstanding, lucrative niches
3. Being unprepared for Google updates
4. Ill-advised site redesigns
5. Lack of credibility and trust

It s certainly possible to run a business without an SEO strategy, and you may even achieve success. However, by ignoring SEO, you re holding yourself back from even greater sales and success by leaving opportunities sitting on the table for your competitors to snatch up.

A solid SEO strategy allows you to minimize the risks of a drop in sales, while also maximizing your online footprint and leveraging the most lucrative opportunities to your advantage.