Renu Desai about her Golden Days

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Renu Desai about her Golden Days

Pune, October 26: Actress Renu Desai who has stirred a lot of controversies a while back talking about the reasons for her breakup with Pawan Kalyan has been off to social networking platform for the reasons best known to her.

She has once again made the headlines by posting an old pic of her and other few at the time of Jhonny. Renu Desai is not only an actress by profession but also worked in the technical department like production designing.

Renu reminisces the good olden days of her career working with Pawan Kalyan for the film Jhonny. She stated that initially, she was not considered as the female lead for the film Jhonny but she has extended her help in the production designing for the film.

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. I was initially only the production designer for Johnny and just 2 weeks before shoot, I was casted as the heroine. My first reaction was a strict No for acting to Kalyan garu because i was not interested in acting, as my heart lay in the behind the camera technical stuff. And also, it would have been a crazy task to be the heroine and the production designer at the age of 21 only. But Kalyan garu convinced me eventually and I ended up working almost 16-17 hours everyday for more than 7 months. This one experience made me super strong and resilient emotionally. I used to come to the set as a Production designer, check everything is in order and then go to the make up room to become the heroine. . When life throws a challenge at you, don’t shy away. Take it head on and see your self growing professionally and personally too. . Behind me is Shyam dada(DOP) discussing the shot with Kalyan garu.

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Renu also disclosed the fact that she has been selected in the last for the role of heroine and Pawan her co-actor in that film has convinced her to take up the dual responsibilities.

She feels that those responsibilities and experience in both the roles has helped her to face any challenge in her real life. Posting the pic, Renu Desai has recollected the good old memories working at the age of 21 years.