Samantha abides #MeToo attackers

 SMTV Desk 2018-10-12 17:29:54  #MeToo, samantha about casting couch, casting couch
Samantha abides #MeToo attackers

Hyderabad, Oct 12: #MeToo is creating sensation across the country, ever since Tanushree Dutta exposed Nana Patekar. This opened controversial can of casting couch and Chinmayi Sripada s stunning revelations left all shell shocked.

Even as many celebrities remained silent, Samantha and others came in support of her. When many questioned why MeToo campaign started just now and why people are coming out after few decades, Samantha came with the following potshots.

Because it is only now a sisterhood where our words are stronger than these predators #MeToo or Is It? .

Because we were scared for this exact same reason . That you would make it our fault .

Today My Son asked Me..Papa what is this #MeToo? I said it s a retirement insurance plan for ladies .

And what will you tell your daughter? .