OTC creams in jeopardy

 SMTV Desk 2018-10-12 13:15:36  Dr.Ratnakar Kumar,skin cancer,Hydroquinone
OTC creams in jeopardy

Do you know that the fairness creams that contain the drug H(Hydroquinone) is injurious to our skin and can even lead to cancer.

According to the health ministry and dermatologists, overuse or prolonged use of creams containing this drug causes cancer.

Dr.Ratnakar Kamath from the skin department of state-run J.J. Hospital said, “The overuse of these creams always causes side effects, and prolonged usage is dangerous. It’s nothing like the way these advertisements say like you will be fair after using so and so cream.”So far, there are over 500 drugs and now, steroids found in fairness creams have been included as well.
“Most of these creams contain some amount of steroids as many people are unaware about it. Prolonged usage of these creams causes atrocious thinning of the skin, making it more sensitive to sunlight and increases hair growth on the face along with troublesome acne,” he said.

FDA commissioner Pallavi Darade, said, “The Drug Consultative Committee of the Central government has come up with this as it has ill-effects. Once these drugs get included in schedule ‘H’ of the Act, they cannot be sold without a doctor’s prescription and there can be no advertisements of the creams in any media.”