Can our diet lead to depression?

 SMTV Desk 2018-10-12 10:58:11  Dr.Maximus Berger,Processed food,depression
Can our diet lead to depression?

Australia,oct 12: The researchers from the James Cook University in Australia have found that among Islander people, the amount of fish and processed food eaten is related to depression.

Lead author Dr.Maximus Berger said that the team interviewed around 100 people on both islands.

"We asked them about their diet, screened them for their levels of depression and took blood samples. As you d expect, people on the more isolated island with no fast food outlets reported significantly higher seafood consumption and lower takeaway food consumption compared with people on the other island," he said.

The researchers identified 19 people with moderate to severe depressive symptoms: sixteen were from the island where fast food is readily available, while only three from the other island.

DR.Berger said that"The level of the fatty acid associated with depression and found in many takeaway foods was higher in people living on the island with ready access to fast food, the level of the fatty acid associated with protection against depression and found in seafood was higher on the other island."