A 26 year old man is addicted to netflix in Bengaluru

 SMTV Desk 2018-10-10 15:45:58  Netflix,addiction
A  26 year old man is addicted to netflix in Bengaluru

Internet has created number of advantages regarding communication,entertainment and other sectors in our country ,even though internet is useful in many ways but it has a dark side too.
Many people these days since the dawn of internet in 1994 are addicted to social media,games,movies,music.Recently a 26 year old man in Bengaluru is addicted to netflix,he watches it for 7 hours straight.

Later he realised that he was an addict and he needs treatment.He contacted Health use of technology clinic for treatment.He opened up and said that the pressure was increasing because his friends are stable financially and he was not so to avoid his worries he started watching netflix to soothe his problems.Doctors are giving therapy to this man with relaxation exercises and career councelling.

According to WHO(World Health Organisaton)netflix addiction is similar to games addiction and treatment is necessary.