Google had security flaw but didn't respond

 SMTV Desk 2018-10-09 15:54:05  Google+,social network
Google had security flaw but didn't respond

New york,october 9: Rcently there has been speculation that Google plus is responsible for private info leakage.Google said it launched an effort at the beginning of the year called Project Strobe designed to review how other apps connect to Google’s services, and that it was making other changes as a result. It said it would add “more granular” screens for granting permission to access data, and was adding new limits to the data that third-party apps can use.

Google said recenly that hundreds of thousands of people who used its Google+ social network may have been affected by a security flaw that the company says it discovered and will fix it soon.

The flaw meant some Google+ profile information that users had thought was private, such as a person s email address, occupation, gender or age, could have been viewed by third parties, the company said in a post on a corporate blog.

Someone who used their Google+ log-in to play a video game, for example, could have inadvertently allowed the game developer to see private information of their friends such as occupation or gender.