Why Alien Symbiot Venom doesn't need spidey anymore!

 SMTV Desk 2018-10-09 11:51:51  Venom,Tom Holland,Spiderman
Why Alien Symbiot Venom doesn't need spidey anymore!

Hollywood,october 9: Venom made a huge splash when it touched down at the box office, taking in more than $205 million from theaters around the world during a record-setting opening weekend, despite largely negative reviews.

Most intriguingly, the character pulled it off entirely on his own, not relying on any backup from a any Marvel character. 

Much was made of a potential appearance by Tom Holland s Spider-Man during the lead-up to the release of Venom. "Will he be in the movie or not" The question was in the air, but now that the movie is actually out, we know for a fact that he was not even portrayed.

For fans who grew up seeing Venom in comic books and cartoons, the absence of his rival wall-crawler Spiderman from his big-screen solo feature still feels a little bit strange. The lack of Spider-Man involves more than just the lack of a cameo appearance .Venom s entire origin story and costume was changed to exclude all influences from the character. But why? Isn t this just another Marvel movie? Well, the answer s more complicated than that.