Hyderabad Nizam legacy is Urdu s growth

 SMTV Desk 2018-10-08 16:10:49  urdu, nizam king
Hyderabad Nizam legacy is Urdu s growth

Hyderabad, Oct 08: The era of the last Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan, from his accession in 1911 to 1948 was a golden period for the promotion of Urdu.

He not only focussed on developmental activities but also patronised culture and academics, said Urdu Academy president Mohammed Raheemuddi Ansari.

Speaking at a seminar organised by Tehreek Muslim Shabban, Mr Ansari stated that the establishment of Osmania University was a great achievement of the last Nizam, this being the first university where the medium of instruction was Urdu.

He established the ‘Dar ul Tarjuma’ Centre for Translation to help imparting education in all streams in Urdu. Moulvi Abdul Haq was its first director and it compiled an Urdu dictionary. He appointed highly qualified people as translators for various subjects so that they could coin terminology in Urdu.

Osmania University was the only one where medical courses were taught in Urdu.

The Nizam sanctioned monthly pensions for many scholars including those belonging to other parts of the country in recognition of their academic work.

Mr Ansari said the Urdu Academy would bring out a 1,000-page book highlighting the life and achievements of Mir Osman Ali Khan. Mushtaq Malik, president of Shabban and other also spoke.