Watch: 7-year-old leopard rescued

 SMTV Desk 2018-10-07 18:13:56  viral videos
Watch: 7-year-old leopard rescued

A female leopard escaped a near-death situation after it was rescued from a well at Yadavwadi village in Otur, Maharashtra. The seven-year-old was spotted in a 30 foot deep after which a team of Wildlife SOS and Forest Department got together to rescue the wildcat.

A short video of the rescue operation was posted on YouTube on the wildlife channel. In the 2.08-minute clip, the leopard can be seen sitting on a wooden ladder, preventing itself from drowning.

On the surface, above the well, both the teams can be seen preparing a cage for the animal. With the help of ropes, the cage is then lowered into the well towards the leopard.

It is amazing to note how the leopard, without any hesitation, leaped inside the cage.