Ganesh pandals become ventures of political activity

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sat, Sep 22, 2018, 06:20 PM

Ganesh pandals become ventures of political activity

Hyderabad, Sep 22: Ganesh pandals have become the centers of political activity as leaders of different parties come to colonies and establish bonds with local leaders.

While the TRS has an edge in this exercise, BJP, Congress and TDP leaders are arousing ties with Ganesh Utsav committees. Religion and politics mix for a bangaru Telangana.

Organisers at a Ganesh pandal in Kukatpally said that this year there was no lack of funds as they had been given flexible grants from leaders. "We need not look for dispense chandas from households as advance election bonanza is on tap," he said.

The advancement of elections in Telangana by 9 months coincided with the Ganesh Utsav and provided a perfect political marketing place. Apart from elected representatives like corporators, MLAs and MPs, leaders of different parties were seen visiting pandals with their followers.

Baddam Bal Reddy, a veteran BJP leader in the old city said that he visited 8 to 10 Ganesh pandals every day and oversaw the surge of Hindus gathering at these places.

"We are identified with Hindu festivals, more so with Ganesh Utsav, as it gives an opportunity to bond together," he said.