Konda Surekha demands explanation

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sat, Sep 08, 2018, 01:39 PM

Konda Surekha demands explanation over Warangal East ticket

Hyderabad: As we know that Warangal East MLA Konda Surekha was upset over the party candidates list unveiled by CM KCR on Thursday. As her name was not included in the first list, Surekha will seek a clarification from the chief minister over the Warangal east ticket, which was pending, it is learned.

TRS has kept Konda Surekha sitting seat Warangal (East) on hold due to several internal issues. Konda couple speaking to the media have stated that KTR has welcomed them to TRS, while Harish Rao refused their entry in the party.

Further, Konda Surekha has alleged that Minister KTR has now turned against them and he is the reason for putting their ticket on hold. Surekha clarified that it is up to the choice of TRS to give away Warangal (East) ticket if that ticket is not given to them.

Konda Surekha wanted to contest again from Warangal east constituency. But she also wanted another seat for her daughter Susmitha from Bhupalapalli. KCR told her that it is not possible.But Surekha insisted on 2 seats and clearly told KCR that if he can't give 2 seats, she doesn't want to contest from TRS.

KCR gave Bhupalapalli ticket to Madhusudhana Chary and excluded Surekha name also from the list.