Telangana gets a New Political Party

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Wed, Sep 05, 2018, 03:45 PM

Telangana gets a New Political Party

Hyderabad: In a shocking political development, Another new political Party 'Yuva Telangana' has floated by Former TV Anchor Rani Rudrama in Telangana here on Today.

She was one of the prime anchors in both TV 9 and Sakshi TV. This beautiful anchor is politically ambitious and comes from highly political family from Warangal's Narsampet. She always wanted to be a politician.

The party has been named as Yuva Telangana Party. Party President is Gitta Balakrishna Reddy and Rani Rudrama Reddy has been named as party working President.

The party members have decided to tour all over Telangana starting from September 10 to create awareness among the people and likely to highlight the objectives of the party.

Gitta Balakrishna, while speaking to media said they have been working hard for Telangana since 2009 and faulted the changed political scenario in Telangana. Rani Rudrama Reddy has also talked to the media highlighting the basis of their political party.

The latest about this beautiful anchor is that she is all set to join hands with another failed politician of Telangana - Jitta Balakrishna Reddy of Bhongir. Reddy had worked in all political parties and has now floated "Yuva Telangana." According to reports, Rani Rudrama would contest from Narsampet on Yuva Telangana ticket.

She comes from a family of Congressmen but joined the TRS even while she was in the KCR family's T Channel. When KCR flatly refused to give her the party ticket, she shifted to the YSRCP. While in YSRCP, she actively campaigned in the constituency and built a powerful support base for herself.

Oratorical skills, good looks and family's political connections helped her attain popularity very soon. But, just before the 2014 elections, the YSRCP has announced it support for the Andhra region and she was thus left in the lurch.

For about four years, she was in political hibernation. Only a few months ago, she became politically active.