Megastar to settle the MAA Controversy

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Wed, Sep 05, 2018, 01:29 PM

Megastar to settle the MAA Controversy

Hyderabad: The Movie Artistes Association controversy has become a hot topic in the Telugu Film Industry. From past couple of days, the controversy is taking new turns.

The recent dispute between President of Telugu MAA (Movie Artist Association) Shivaji Raja and its General Secretary Naresh over the alleged misappropriation of funds collected during a US trip has created a rift in the organization.

In a bid to restore the tarnished image of the association, both the actors have claimed that everything is well between them, but public appearances and media reports suggest otherwise.

Also, MAA’s decision to stay away from setting up a fact-finding committee to probe the alleged misappropriation of funds has not gone down well with some of its members and the media too.

The Movie Artistes Association members have split into two groups and started maligning each other. Mainly Chiranjeevi’s name was dragged into the controversy which grabbed the huge attention of common man also.

Yesterday late at night both the groups met Chiranjeevi separately and discussed about the controversy. Mainly Naresh clearly showcased how Sivaji Raja misguided the Executive Committee about his US tour with evidence.

Now Chiranjeevi the founder president of MAA is planning to settle the matter cordially as soon as possible before it turns more faultily and remain as a black mark in the history of Telugu film industry.