Power Bank Blasted in Airport

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Thu, Aug 30, 2018, 04:26 PM

Power Bank Blasted in Airport

The Delhi Police officials have arrested a 55-year-old woman for allegedly creating ruckus after being asked by security personnel at the airport to remove power bank from her baggage, a senior police officer said.

According to the details, The woman allegedly threw the power bank on the floor which triggered a small blast, he said.

She was arrested on Wednesday, from the airport and later released on bail.

Airport Deputy Commissioner of Police Sanjay Bhatia told the media that the woman, named Malvika Tiwari, has been arrested under Indian Penal Code’s Section 285 for negligent conduct with respect to fire or combustible matter and Section 336 for endangering life or personal safety of others.