High Court Lawyer urges to Stop BiggBoss 2 Show

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sat, Aug 25, 2018, 04:13 PM

High Court Lawyer urges to Stop BiggBoss 2 Show

Hyderabad, Aug 25: Tollywood Natural Star Nani's controversial reality show Big Boss season 2 is facing all kinds of headaches. Already the show is facing leakage problems and Nani is trying his best to increase the TRPs.

Even as TRPs is increasing due to controversies going on between the inmates of the house, many are expressing their anger on the reality show. Rapolu Bhaskar, a High Court advocate approached Human Rights Commission seeking its directions to stop the show.

He accused the organizers of Big Boss of keeping 16 people under house arrest and airing obscene and irrelevant and useless content which is not helpful to the society across the country. He accused the organizers of hurting the sentiments of the people and damaging the family institution in the country.

The advocate sought directions from the Human Rights Commission to stop the show which is spoiling the younger generations. All eyes are on how the channel management responds to these allegations and how Human Rights Commission reacts.

Recently, Bigg Boss 2 Telugu's latest episode has created lot of buzz because of Secret Kiss Task. This Episode is receiving lot of negative remarks from the TV Viewers.

Contestant Roll Rida was given a secret task to kiss female contestant – Singer Geetha Madhuri and he performed the secret Kiss task as suggested by Bigg Boss. But this episode gave shock to the TV viewers when Samrat crossed the limits and kissed Geetha Madhuri. Though he was not asked to perform any such type of task by the Bigg Boss, but he used the opportunity and kissed Geetha Madhuri on her cheeks. The TV viewers are breathing fire on Samrat for his over the top action.