OMG! Retired Scotland Couple won £57.9 Million Jackpot

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sun, Aug 05, 2018, 02:16 PM

OMG! Retired Scotland Couple won £57.9 Million Jackpot

Scotland, Aug 05: In a shocking news, A retired couple from Scotland have been revealed as the winners of the huge £57.9 million(Rs.461 Crores) jackpot in the 'life-changing' EuroMillions draw on 10th July, and they've told how checking their ticket almost ended in disaster after it was torn in half and thrown in the bin.

Fred(67) and Lesley Higgins(57), a retired couple from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, bought a ticket for the 10th July draw from Scotmid on High Street, Laurencekirk, and Mr. Higgins returned to the shop after the draw to get it checked.

However, after running the ticket through the machine, the shop worker mistakenly told him that it wasn't a winner, before tearing it in half and throwing it in the bin.

It was only after the lottery machine alerted the worker that the ticket holder should contact Camelot, the operator of the UK National Lottery, that the error was discovered. The two halves of the ticket were promptly retrieved and handed back to Mr. Higgins for the couple to make their claim.

"The retailer immediately grabbed it out of the bin and handed it to me, not realizing it was a winner before he discarded it."

Mr. Higgins took the ticket home and logged on to the National Lottery website to check the numbers while his wife napped. He said: "The first match, then the second match, match, match - we had them all. When Lesley woke, I explained we had a winning ticket and what had happened. I showed her the numbers, asked her to check and she misread them, thinking we were £5.7m richer rather than an amazing £57m."

Mr. Higgins then called Camelot to initiate the claim process. Due to the unusual circumstances of claiming a jackpot with a torn ticket, a security team from Camelot visited the couple and reviewed CCTV footage from the shop to make sure everything was above board.

This led to a slight delay in awarding the prize and publicising the couple's win, but they're now free to plan what they're going to do with their winnings.

"We had a really comfortable life before the win", Mr. Higgins said, "but we did have dreams of living abroad. We love Gozo, which is where my niece lives, so we always thought we would get somewhere out there.