Telangana being neglected while AP is considered

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Tue, Jul 24, 2018, 06:48 PM

Telangana is being neglected, why?

New Delhi, July 23: Telangana TRS MP said at Rajya Sabha, Telangana State is born out of AP Re-Organization Act.

K Keshav Rao, TRS MP has alleged that AP Re-Organization Act is a just a mockery of the issue.He said that he stands by the emotions of the TDP members.

He observes that Telangana was also born out of the same reorganization Act and his State suffers too. Every time I ask about Telangana High Court, the Law Minister only smiles, he says.

We have been made several promises, but most haven't been implemented. The matter is also sub-judice as a Congress member has approached the Supreme Court, he says. Mr. Rao replies to Ram Gopal Yadav's speech against bifurcation.

"People of Telangana struggled to get a new State due to the treatment meted out by the people of Andhra. Mr. Rao also notes how 7 Mandals were transferred to Andhra Pradesh to implement Polavaram.

We are suffering more in sharing of Krishna and Godavari waters. When Andhra Pradesh doesn't give us powers, we bought it from Chhattisgarh. Today we are a surplus State", says Mr.Rao.