BIGG BOSS 2: Is this the reason to eliminate Tejaswi?

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Mon, Jul 23, 2018, 05:07 PM

BIGG BOSS 2: Is this the reason to eliminate Tejaswi?

Hyderabad, July 23: Tejaswi Madiwada is the only glamour face in the Telugu 'BIGG BOSS' season 2. She is now out of the show as she was eliminated last weekend.

Why did the 'Bigg Boss' makers prefer her when the season has not even entered halfway?

Being it a long-running show, this season will continue till the first week of September. Sources say the 'Bigg Boss' team took the decision of eliminating her as she has become bunt of hate comments on social media.

There had been rumors that the team had been favouring Tejaswi besides her rowdy behavior to keep her in the house as she's the only glam face. However, trollers have begun declaiming against her on social media.

With anti-Tejaswi tweets and social media posts growing, the channel reportedly dread that it would lose ratings and sent her away from the show. Nonetheless, there is a talk that the show will now bring a popular glamorous heroine using wildcard entry method.