Trump again in controversy - Watch

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sun, Jul 15, 2018, 02:31 PM

Trump again in controversy - Watch

London, July 15: It's generally quite problematic to overshadow the queen of England, but President Donald Trump might have managed to do so.

US President Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth II met Friday as part of his controversial working visit to the United Kingdom. As the red carpet was rolled out at Windsor Castle, thousands gathered at a 'Stop Trump' rally in London.

While Friday's protest and a clump of satirical hint caused quite a stir, Trump's walk with the queen during an inspection of guardsmen quickly became a hot topic.

At one point, the queen can be spotted indicating to Trump, although it's fuzzy what exactly she may have been referring to. On social media, some deliberated that Trump was being instructed on which side of her he should walk.

British people heated on Trump for retaining a comparably speedy walk making the queen fall behind him professed he led the way.

They claimed that Trump broke with royal protocol while preferring to shake hands with the queen instead of nodding (or) bending. They have started trolling Donald Trump on social media.

Brits instantly became defensive of the queen, who turned 92 this year. "Did Donald Trump just WALK IN FRONT OF THE QUEEN?!?!?!" asked one clearly offended user. "I detested how Trump dared walk in front of the Queen today," wrote another.

The queen, who is hardly ever seen clutching others, is not known for public blaze of affection. She surprised many people in 2012 when she was noticed placing an arm affectionately around Michelle Obama. Obama retaliated and the 2 stood arm-in-arm for a short time.

Back in 1992, then-Australian prime minister Paul Keating was heavily criticized for placing his hand on the monarch's lower back. British newspapers at the time cited to him as the "Lizard of Oz" as a result of his awkward behavior.