Controversy to caste: Kathi Mahesh playing a dangerous game

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Mon, Jul 09, 2018, 01:00 PM

Controversy to caste: Kathi Mahesh playing a dangerous game

Hyderabad, July 09: Film critic Kathi Mahesh has been into several controversies after making unbearable comments on Something (or) Somebody.

Close Sources confirm that he'll always be in an intention to oppose (or) to make disrespectful comments which to him means a King of controversy.

Whatever (or) Whomsover be the topic, he will definitely be ready to point out something which is intolerated.

For his objectionable mention on the Ramayana and Lord Rama, Mahesh Kathi is now trying to project all and any criticism pointed at him as criticism of the Dalit community after receiving severe opposition from all the sections of people.

Briefly, he is trying to adjacent himself as an icon of that community and hiding behind his caste as he is unable to answer the blast of comments targeted at him.

"In a video posted by Kathi online, he said he was upset at the treatment of Dalits in Hinduism and said renovate in Hinduism were the need of the hour. Fine!"

But that does not give him the right to go on a public platform and speak about Lord Rama (or) Sita.

Realising that he had gone too far, Kathi is now trying to play the caste card and creating the impact that people who abuse him are abusing the Dalit community, which is not the case because many Dalit leaders have blatantly damned Kathi Mahesh's remarks.

In haunting to these kinds of tricks, Kathi is playing a dangerous game, a game which can easily radial out of control unless perceptive sight provoked in him.

~ Public speaks:

Pointing out something you don't like is good until it didn't hurt anyone's sentiments (or) feelings. Hurting someone's sentiments and calling it as a "Freedom of Expression" and when everything became tough diverting the issue on the caste (or) community-based is never and ever supported by the society.