Chiranjeevi fans to Join Janasena

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Fri, Jul 06, 2018, 06:34 PM

Chiranjeevi fans to Join Janasena

Vijayawada, July 06: Pawan Kalyan led team and The Janasena party has been pushing hard for the upcoming elections in order to serve the Andhra People with well-disciplined manner.

Pawan Kalyan recent tours have been getting an enormous response from the fans as well as from the people, He will become kingmaker for the upcoming 2019 elections, sources said.

Now by seeing immense response from the fans, Mega fans joining the Janasena route. And now, none other than Megastar Chiranjeevi's All India Fans Association president Swamy Naidu has confirmed that he's quitting Congress party and joining the Janasena brigade.

Swami Naidu is currently having a post in Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee as secretary. He is resigning to the post and to the Congress party to join Janasena.

According to the latest reports, he has already discussed this with Chiranjeevi as well and he got nod from Chiranjeevi on this.

Along with Swami Naidu, many other registered Chiranjeevi fans are planning to join Janasena.

with Naidu's arrival into Janasena, it will be sending clear signals that whole of the Mega family including Megastar Chiru is supporting his brother's sojourn.

Pawan Kalyan recently opened gates for leaders to join into the party and so far only newcomers and small leaders are joining into the party. Now Swami Naidu is also not a political leader as such. It seems Pawan Kalyan is intentionally making senior leaders to wait for some more time to join into the party. Even if he is meeting some senior leaders , he is asking them to wait for some more time to join into the party.

Lets see how far swami Naidu will benifit for the Janasena party.