Woman Climbs Statue of Liberty - Watch

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Thu, Jul 05, 2018, 04:38 PM

Woman Climbs Statue of Liberty to Protest Family Separations

Washington, July 05: America has celebrated the Independence day here on today, on this day a woman made an attempt to inculcate a protest. More than 2,000 children were mobilized against their migration by American troops from their parents and moved to camps.

The American migrant Therese Patricia Okoumou (44), a migrant woman from Congo, stepped down to the statue of the Statue of Liberty, opposing this zero-tolerance policy, undertaken by US President Donald Trump.

She demanded to reintroduce the children who were separated from their parents. Some people have come to support her. The police had suffered for nearly three hours and eventually brought her down.

By 2pm PST the NYPD's emergency service unit had used a ladder to reach the climber who made it to the base of Lady Liberty's feet.

"We started engaging in a dialogue of why she was up there," said ESU cop Brian Glacken, one of two officers who ascended the ladder. "She was basically up there about the children in Texas. At first she wasn't friendly with us, but we took our time to get a dialogue with her, to get her to trust us. That took a while."