BIGG BOSS 2: Is this the reason to fail?

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sat, Jun 30, 2018, 04:01 PM

BIGG BOSS 2: Is this the reason to fail?

Hyderabad, June 30: Actually, the time When 'BIGG BOSS' started in Telugu, there were no expectations on it. Having no idea, Telugu audience was not much interested to watch the show.

But, it is none other than Jr. NTR who gave the boost up to the show can say which eventually grabbed the attention of Television lovers. He had set a trademark for a Television show.

Yet everything seems to be changed when it comes to 'BIGG BOSS 2'. Nani and contestants are failing to create the kind of magic that made the show special earlier.

Comparatively, the energy levels got reduced in the season 2. Yes, the Natural star is trying to bring the perfection, but somewhere something gonna be wrong.

The response and the TRP it is getting is comparatively low than Season 1. Well, the timing happened to be bad also there are analysts who are wondering what could have gone wrong for 'Bigg Boss2'.

# Not to mention:

~ 'BIGG BOSS 2' started off at a time when 'America Sex Racket' trembled the Indian film industry highlighting Tollywood in the bad light and to add to this Sri Reddy's take on Nani.

~ Somehow whether there is the truth (or) not in Sri Reddy's allegations on Nani some audience are totally put off with this argumentation and are not showing interest to watch the show.

Okay!! Only 20 days completed still 80 days are left. Let us hope for the best to be happening in 'BIGG BOSS'.