Tweet-by-tweet: what happened, finally?

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Mon, Jun 04, 2018, 04:04 PM

Tweet-by-tweet: what happened, finally?

Bengaluru, June 04: The Actor-activist Prakash Raj has slammed the pro-Kannada groups for trying to halt the 'Kaala' in Karnataka while expressing his discontent with the call for a ban on Superstar Rajinikanth's Kaala.

He suggested the Cauvery water-sharing issue is a touchy subject for both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, but to find a solution one needs to act practically and not emotionally.

Prakash Raj shared the sentiment of pro-Kannada activists about Rajinikanth's remarks on the Cauvery issue. But, he said banning his film was not the right way to protest against his remarks.

He tweeted that,"What's film #kaala got to do with Kaveri issue..? why is film fraternity targeted always..? Will Jds/congress government let fringe elements take law into their hands bjp did with #Padmavat ..or ..will you step in to assure common man ..his right for choice.#justasking.."

"A statement made by actor Rajinikanth has hurt us deeply. Yes, I agree. In order to express our dissent, a few organizations have called for a ban on the film. Is that what we Kannadigas want? We don't know and we will never know. If the film is released and people decide not to see it as a mark of their protest only then will be able to gauge what people really want. But these fringe elements deciding on behalf of the people will not let us know it. Who are these people to decide what most Kannadigas want or don't want?" asked the 53-year-old actor.