Mumbai Indians Gets new Emojis

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Fri, Mar 23, 2018, 02:56 PM

Mumbai Indians Gets new Emojis

Hyderabad, Mar 23: Mumbai Indian skipper Rohit Sharma engaged in a hilarious conversation with the social media team of the Indian Premier League franchise on Thursday.

Sharma was having Twitter banter with MI's social media team on Thursday.

To get the fans more involved and have them express better, the team launched emojis of their star players. But before the official announcement was to be made, the Twitter account of Mumbai team teased their fans, reported media.

Mumbai Indians posted from their official Twitter account, "Paltan, an exciting update is heading your way. Prepare yourself to welcome new faces in our team. Stay tuned!"

Rohit Sharma replied on the thread saying, "What do you mean by new faces? Why don't you guys inform me?” To that, MI pleaded their skipper to shift the conversation to private messages." An "angry" Rohit replied with a gif, "I've checked my DMs. I am fine with these new faces and it’s really cool. But where are my bullets?"

At the service of their captain, MI replied to the thread with another cool gif in which he is shooting bullets. Rohit then took Hardik Pandya's case asking MI why his hair was on fire. To that, Pandya joined in and said that he is always on fire.