Tips for Buying Gold

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Tue, Mar 13, 2018, 08:02 PM

Tips for Buying Gold

Hyderabad Mar 13: Are U fond of jewelry?Do you want to buy jewelry keep the following things in mind before choosing a correct jewelry

Purity: It plays a key role in jewelry selection.22 carat Gold contains 91.6 percent pure, 24 carat Gold signifies 99.9 % Purity.The purity is also indicated by hallmark symbol.

The hallmark symbol is decided by Bureau of Indian standards and coins contain a symbol of 999. The logo can be seen using a microscope, the logo indicates the purity of 916 or below.

Bill calculation: Currently in many large jewelry stores the value added charge is calculated based on wastage and service charges for making the ornament.This charge varies from 6 to 30 % based on a type of ornament.Total 3 % of GST would be levied on the total bill.

Trunch certificate: Trunch certificate is issued which to certify the purity of the gold and weight for old ornaments.this certificate ensures that customer gets a good price for his jewelry.

Finally, ensure that you insist a bill which ensures that refund would be available also customers can complain if they detect any fraud.