JMM Sibu Soren shock to KCR

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Thu, Mar 08, 2018, 06:39 PM

JMM Sibu Soren shock to KCR

Hyderabad Mar 8 :Currently Telangana CM KCR is planning to launch a Federal Front on the foundation day April 27.The CM had already announced that he would work for the formation of Non-Congress and Non-BJP Government in centers.

Telangana CM had announced that Jarjkand former Cheif Minister Sibu Soren has called him and supported his idea of third front. However JMM Has denied such reports and said that It has decided to support the Congress party.

JMM Has said that "Our acting chief, Hemant Soren, Congress's Jharkhand incharge R P N Singh and state Congress chief Dr Ajoy Kumar met Congress President Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi, following which it was decided that the JMM will support the candidate fielded by Congress for Rajya Sabha. We will lead in the next Lok Sabha and assembly elections, with Congress supporting us in the state."

This comes a huge embrassment for KCR as He wanted to form a Non BJP ,Non Congress Govenment but many of the parties have demanded that congress must be a partner to counter the BJP Government.