Woman kills husband with help of her lover

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sat, Mar 03, 2018, 06:47 PM

Woman kills husband with help of her lover

Hyderabad, March 03: In a brutal incident, A 24-year-old woman had killed her husband with the help of his colleague for being a hurdle in their illegal affair. Tulasi along with Veerababu strangulated Shankar and told neighbors that he died of heart attack. Balanagar police arrested the duo on Friday.

The information reported that the deceased identified as Peddinti Jagadeeshwar Rao, 33, worked in a solar tools company at Balanagar and lived in Rangareddynagar with his wife Tulasi.

One Cheema Veerababu, who is the deceased Jagadeeshwar's colleague and a close friend, had developed illegal intimacy with Tulasi. They had relations for the past couple of years.

Jagadeeshwar, who got to know of the affair, warned the duo to stop it. He said he would catch them red-handed. This had angered his wife and colleague, who decided to get him out of the way of their relationship.

Last week on Saturday when Jagadeeshwar came home for lunch, Veerababu followed him home and the two had a quarrel. Tulasi locked the house from inside, and wrapped her 'chunni' around her husband's neck from behind while Veerababu held down Jagadeeshwar's legs. The two together killed him.