E-Waste a Global concern

 SMTV Desk 2018-02-19 20:24:27  E-waste,Pollution,Global concern, health problems
E-Waste  a Global concern

London Feb 19: Nowadays Human life is dependent on electronics and Appliances.The Mobile phone, computer, and even certain bulbs, fan regulators are working with electronic circuits.The use of gadgets has improved in the governance initiatives and this led to the reduction in the corruption.However, the over usage of Electronic gadgets has not only increased the health problems but also responsible for growing pollution as E-waste disposal has become a serious problem for the urban municipalities. The burning of E-Waste releases huge gases of sulfur dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and other poisonous gases which result in increase of temperature of the earth.Lead and Mercury present in Car batteries also pollute the atmosphere and these act as slow poisons compared to other pollutants which effect can be clearly visible.The Main health problems caused by e-waste pollution are respiratory, Kidney, and other ailments, newborne babies may also face the future defects.Currently, it is necessary for the government to frame proper guidelines and other organizations such as educational institutes to educate the people about the adverse damage that these waste causes.