Woman killed husband for lover

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Mon, Dec 11, 2017, 01:43 PM

Woman killed husband for lover

Mahabubnagar, Dec 11: In a shocking incident, Taking inspiration from Ram Charan-starrer 'Yevadu', A Woman killed her Husband and decided to implement the plastic surgery plan later for continuing the extra-marital affair.

The information reported that, Swathi-Sudhakar Reddy are a married couple. Two years ago, Swathi used to approach Physiotherapist Rajesh frequently for curing back pain. This lead to an extra-marital affair. On November 26th this year, Their affair got exposed.

Without the knowledge of Sudhakar Reddy, Swathi went to Mahabubnagar along with Rajesh. A close friend called Sudhakar Reddy to enquire if he had come to Mahbubnagar after seeing Swathi & Rajesh together. Then, Sudhakar Reddy got to know the actual truth.

Swathi & Rajesh decided to get rid of Sudhakar Reddy. As both Sudhakar Reddy and Rajesh look almost the same, Swathi decided to implement 'Yevadu' plan. After killing her Husband, She poured acid on the face of Rajesh. Swathi made Sudhakar Reddy's Parents believe the one who had acid injuries on the face is their Son.

Whereas, Sudhakar Reddy's Parents grew suspicious upon noticing the behavior of the injured man and reached a confirmation that he isn't their son after cross-checking. Immediately, Cops were alerted and the lovers confessed planning the whole conspiracy during the interrogation.