Bhopal gang-rape: Victim demands Arrest those rapists

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sun, Nov 05, 2017, 04:34 PM

Bhopal gang-rape: Victim demands Arrest those rapists

Bhopal, November 05: A few days back, A 19-year-old woman allegedly gang-raped by four men for three hours and was left to die in Habibganj.

In this regard, The police officials have not responded to her complaint and dismissed it as film Story.

while speaking with the media persons here on Sunday, The Victim said that The MP Police staff have not responded to my complaint.

She even added that 'Do not leave the rapists. Hang them down immediately The Madhya Pradesh police did not cooperate if I went to complain about injustice. I went several times to police station, "the victim said.

Four teenagers raped the 19-year-old girl who was returning home after completing a civils coaching class on Tuesday night in Bhopal. This event has created a nationwide sensation.

Four suspects were arrested by the police after the high officials responded. The case was handed over to the SIT team by the Madhya Pradesh government. Four policemen were discharged in duty and another officer was transferred.