Payback people Ought to be facilitated

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sat, Oct 21, 2017, 10:50 AM

Payback people Ought to be facilitated

The Andhra Pradesh state with its meager financial resources is driving the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu to explore ways for development. The new secretariat with Cooperation from other countries. Modern methods in administration, wooing foreign investors for new industries, waterways, development of Buddhist Tourism are some of the tasks in front of Babu. In his present Tour of America Naidu is asking NRIs from state to give back to the state, which nurtured them to that position.

Just by asking the Andhra or Telangana people in America to give back to mother state is something and reception of those people, ready to accept that call is another thing. The NRI's of Andhra region, after surmounting so many problems get some capacity to stand and become objects of recognition.

When they come here the mindset of our people may not suit the obligations they require.So many such instances were there.They come here with ideas in mind and sometime later return to that country with disappointment.

From traffic, environment, Official dealings, unscrupulous ways of businesses in so many sectors here,inconvenient the people who settled in those countries. Honesty in daily business dealings in America like country disciplines our settled people very much.

On the whole moralistic way of life also must be inculcated in our people here.The social culture has to get some new dimension, in adjustment to modernization without obstructing native or regional culture.

The idea of world-class institutions, medical facilities, industries is all welcome for anyone. At the same time, the urgent areas that need attention are unemployment,health facilities for all, proper shelter within the reach of common and poor. keeping on paper so many facilities will be only an eye wash, but practically implementing them will be a herculean task.