Chandrababu warns to end rowdyism in Vijayawada

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sat, Oct 14, 2017, 02:16 PM

Chandrababu warns to end rowdyism in Vijayawada

Vijayawada, Oct 14: All the people feel that Vijayawada is c/o address for Rowdyism. In this regard, Chief Minister Chandrababu is very serious on this issue. He has warned that there should not be seen any rowdies in the Vijayawada.

He also said that, all the Rowdy sheeters will be expelled from the city if they do not leave rowdyism.

CM Chandrababu has visited the Vambai colony of Vijayawada here on today. A woman has complained to the chief minister that the rowdies of their area had increased. The CM responded to the woman's complaint and said that He will make the city, There should be no rowdy in the city.

He also ordered the Police Commissioner to immediately increase the Police patrolling in the Vambai colony.