Facebook deleted the Video on Request

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Tue, Aug 01, 2017, 03:11 PM

Facebook deleted the Video on Request

New Delhi, August 01: We knew that Facebook plays a vital role in our life, though we have some drawbacks with social media giant Facebook. Here a case has been registered that, a man along with his friends has filmed the young couple video and posted on Facebook, police said.

Coming to details, A man in Tamil Nadu is on the run after posting a video on Facebook that showed a young couple being allegedly threatened by some men for coming out on a date on a motorcycle.

The Chennai Police officials said that Facebook has removed the post, following their complaint, from the page of the accused who has been identified as Velmurugan Kolanginathan. The police started the chase for the accused after people started posting complaints on the Facebook page of the police.

To speak aboout the video, the accused was seen threatening and passing "casteist remarks" against the couple, police said.

The girl, who had covered her face, and the man on whose motorcycle she was sitting, were seen requesting the 'gang' not to film them. "We are lovers. We came here just to talk, nothing else. Please don't film us. It would spoil her future," the man who was riding the motorcycle said.

"The Chennai Police Commissioner has told us to track this man and take legal action," a senior police officer told the media.