Heatwave breaks 131-year-old temperature record in US

     Written by : IANS | Sun, Jul 09, 2017, 12:23 PM

Heatwave breaks 131-year-old temperature record in US

Los Angeles, July 9: A high temperature record that stood for 131 years in downtown Los Angeles, US, has been broken as the region suffered a scorching heat on Saturday.

The temperature downtown hit a record high of 98 Fahrenheit degrees (36.6 degrees Celsius), beating the former record of 95 Fahrenheit degrees (35 degrees Celsius) set in 1886, Xinhua news agency cited National Weather Service (NWS) as showing.

"A strong upper level high pressure system over the southwest US along with locally breezy northerly winds at the surface will create dangerous record-breaking heat over much of the area again this afternoon into the early evening," said an NWS advisory.

High temperatures away from the coast will range from 90 to 100 Fahrenheit degrees (32.2 to 37.7 degrees Celsius), including downtown Los Angeles.

"This is a dangerous situation with an increased threat of life-threatening heat related illness, especially to those without access to air conditioning. Power outages are more likely," warned the NWS.

An excessive heat warning is in effect until 11 p.m. on Sunday for some districts in Los Angeles county.

Temperatures in Los Angeles should begin cooling on Sunday in some areas, but even so it remains hot in some locations, said NWS forecasters.

In response to the extreme heat, Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks extended cooling centre hours at some locations. Some libraries also served as cooling centres during regular hours.