Hebah Patel in relationship with a young hero

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Fri, Jun 09, 2017, 04:10 PM

Hebah Patel in relationship with a young hero

Hyderabad June 09: In Telugu Cinema or any Film Industry, it is highly common that when two people appear close to each other, gossip mongers talk about them as if they are lovers or even worse, as they are a married couple too. Still, it amazes us how the actors keep taking it and ignore them completely without much explanation.

The latest victim of such harsh gossips is Hebah Patel. The young actress is trying to find her footing in the industry and she has been subjected to gossips left, right and center.

Till yesterday, the gossip mongers claimed that she is in love with her co-star and friend Raj Tharun and now, the focus as shifted to her new co-star, Naga Anvesh.

Hebah is acting with Naga Anvesh in her next film Angel. So the gossip mongers started claiming that they have seen the actress with her co-star in public places.

Well, such gossips tarnish the image of young actors and even if they date each other that need not be reported as too sensationalist. At times, makers to encourage such gossips and tabloids as the marketing technique to create buzz for their movies and such cheap tricks won't work every time. We hope baseless rumors and gossips will stop spreading as they won't help anyone!