Shahrukh Khan lost temper on TV host

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Mon, Jun 05, 2017, 03:47 PM

Shahrukh Khan lost temper on TV host

Mumbai June 05: Shahrukh Khan has a great sense of humor, but this is how he reacts when he is pushed beyond his limits.

The Bollywood actor was recently invited to MBC's Ramez Underground (Arabic show)--the prank show in which celebs are invited to be part of a talk show--but on their way, a prank is played on them (mostly uncomfortable) which shocks them completely.

Shah Rukh Khan, after wrapping up his interview with TV presenter Nishan (also part of the prank), was on his way back when this happened. The driver lost his way and the vehicle got stuck in quicksand--all part of the prank's script. SRK was seen trying to keep his cool and calm the screaming Nishan too. Then suddenly out of nowhere, a giant lizard (Ramez hid in the costume) appeared and headed towards SRK and others.

When SRK realized it was a prank, he was in the mood to forgive the host. When Ramez explained it was a prank, this is what SRK said--I don't want to know what the bloody show is called. The host apologized profusely saying--I swear to God, we love you, sorry. SRK kept saying--" Don't talk to me' and 'the less you speak the better for you."