Sukumar unsatisfied with NTR

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Tue, May 23, 2017, 12:21 PM

Sukumar unsatisfied with NTR

Hyderabad, May 23: Sukumar's latest movie which he has given a script for 'Darshakudu', recently movie team has arranged a teaser launch event.

The teaser is launched by the Young Tiger NTR. It is known that Sukumar Writings first production 'Kumari 21 F' was also launched by junior and also campaigned for 'Kumari 21 F' through his twitter account also.

NTR has spoken several interesting things about Sukumar during 'Darshakudu' teaser launch event. It is known that NTR-Sukumar film 'Nannaku Preamatho' was a super hit. It was the first NTR film to enter Rs. 50 crore club.

Young Tiger has revealed how Sukumar made him work hard for the film. He said that "He was passionate about a particular scene. He made me act for 40 retakes for the betterment. That's the passion of Sukumar towards a movie".

It is known that director Harish Shankar has recently praised NTR on the occasion of his birthday as 'Only single take hero'. NTR completes any scene in single take.. that is his specialty.

When Sukumar has made NTR act for 40 retakes for a single scene.. we can understand how Sukumar worked hard for the movie and how he made others work hard.